Couples: dating, cohabiting, engaged, married,

committed, divorced: Partners

Being a part of a couple is a big task. It can be joyful and supportive and the best thing in the world, but it can also be a lot of work, painful, and a huge struggle to stay involved. I absolutely love working with couples of any type. The diversity and life experience that each couple brings to a situation is what makes you unique and encourages me to keep learning how I can help your relationship. No matter what your situation, I want to try to bring your connection, and communication back. When this happens, your intimacy and appreciation of each other will naturally improve. 

Couples counseling takes dedication and a commitment. If your relationship is struggling, then it needs some attention and I am going to ask you to give it a try with therapy. Even if your relationship is doing pretty well, but there are just a few hurdles you need to get past to make it that much better, it still takes a commitment to work through it. 

Give me a call to discuss your situation and get that first appointment scheduled! I have flexibility to schedule evening  or daytime appointments. Heather at 303-578-0861