Healing Trauma and Past Events

I use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help people resolve the old (or new) baggage that is triggering and causing struggles in daily routines. Sometimes the struggle feels like anxiety or depression, it might feel like a personality change, or stupid little things that you can't help but have a strong reaction to, sometimes it's having children, or experiencing a new trauma that reminds you of the old stuff you had forgotten about. Children also experience bad events, and their reactions might look like poor behavior, inability to focus, emotional concerns or poor grades. 

One of the most effective models I use is EMDR therapy. This is a type of therapy that I can adapt to using with adults or children with many different experiences and still find incredible positive results.

What is EMDR?
EMDR is a comprehensive therapy that helps people heal from traumatic events or difficult experiences. EMDR can help people who have experienced traumas such as abuse, death or terrible accidents as well as difficult events such as divorce, stress, or anxiety. Sometimes things happen and we just want to know how to deal with it and cope with it in our lives. When a negative event is stored in the mind without enough processing, it can cause symptoms to develop that become daily struggles and hardships. Physical sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images associated with the event can get locked into the brain, and without processing, may lead to distressing symptoms and behaviors. EMDR is designed to help a person identify and process these issues so that the symptoms can decrease and you can feel better. This comprehensive therapy helps a person to recall the incident without the disturbance it caused before processing it with EMDR.

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